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Welcome to the Somerset Hills Branch of AAUW

AAUW is the oldest women’s organization in the USA. Our mission is to advance equity for women and girls through advocacy, education, and research. We have general meetings and various interest groups. Our major fundraiser is our annual used book sale.

All members, even new ones, are encouraged to participate as board members, group chairs, convention attendees, and book sale workers, in order to get the most out of the AAUW experience.

Great Decisions 2015

Great Decisions

This group meets 8 times beginning in January, 2015.  AAUW members and their significant others gather at 7 P.M. in individual homes to discuss topics taken from a book purchased in advance.
Below is the list of dates, topics and hosts.  All meetings begin at 7 P.M. and are on Friday evenings in 2015.

Date         Topic                                                              Host

Jan 9         Russia and the Near Abroad                      Bonnie Gould

Jan 30       Privacy in the Digital Age                            Ginny Pasternak

Feb 20      Sectarianism in the Middle East                Connie Smythe

Mar 13     India Changes Course                                 Anna Morris

Mar 27*   U.S. Policy Toward Africa                            Elaine Keramidas

Apr 24      Syria’s Refugee Crisis                                  Kathryn Daut

May 15     Human Trafficking in the 21st Century    Arlene / Ginny

Jun 5         Brazil’s Metamorphosis                              Robin Marion

* Change of date due to Holiday in April
Contact: Ginny Pasternak  ginp@verizon.net