Somerset Hills AAUW – MARCH – NEWS


Join AAUW NJ members and friends at Resorts Casino Hotel in Atlantic City for an engaging program “Women Leaders…Today, tomorrow, and the future!” We are honored to have the CEO of AAUW, Kimberly Churches, coming to educate and engage us in our mission of working for women’s economic security. Sunday’s program includes panel discussions with women who have broken through gender barriers in their communities to be elected to public office, and the Woman as Agent of Change award which this year goes to Ms. Jeannine LaRue ( Monday’s program will focus on how we can promote AAUW Work Smart to give more women the salary negotiation tools they need. As usual, we will also have our fundraiser auction of baskets donated by the branches. Registration and hotel information are on the state website:

* Register now! AAUW NJ Annual Meeting April 7-8 – Let Karen Brown know if you are going so we can arrange to carpool.

* Bring Branch Basket Handicraft Items – New, or lightly used items that you are sure someone else would buy a chance to win, for our branch’s contribution to the fundraiser at the AAUW NJ Annual Meeting. We decided on a crafting/knitting theme this year for our raffle basket. Because we have to carry baskets from hotel parking to the meeting room, lightweight items are preferred. Please give items to Arlene Inglis by March 18, or Karen Brown by April 5.

* Check back? – If you paid for February’s cancelled luncheon by check, let Ginny Lyttle know if she should return or destroy your check.