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Lynn Vergano will  be presenting a lecture for the “Tea and  Treasures” Series at the Morris Museum.  Her program will premiere the new  acquisitions of the Morris Museum to their permanent Fine  Arts Collection. These paintings and scroll have never been exhibited all together; they will be debuted during Lynn’s lecture.  To supplement these paintings, Lynn will be introducing  some of her paintings that have won awards in the past few years at the  National Arts Club Members Exhibition, again never before shown at the same time.  The tools that Lynn uses to create this ancient artwork will also be presented and introduced to the audience.

As written in the Morris Museum’s  Spring  Program Guide, her lecture entitled ” Beauty in the Brushstroke,” will be presented on Wednesday, April 18, 2018 at 2:00 PM “. The description is as follows:  “New Jersey artist , Lynn Vergano explores the centuries-old art form of Chinese brush painting in depicting subjects drawn from nature such as landscapes, plants, and animals.”
Light refreshments will be served and please RSVP to the museum directly at 973-971-3706.  The charge for members is $10, nonmembers is $12 (add three dollars for admission).

Lynn Vergano, Chinese brush painting artist and lecturer

Lee Whildin, donor of painting, Dr. Sef Verano, Lynn Verano’s son, and Lynn

Lee Whildin, Lynn, Dr. Cleveland Johnson, Executive Director of Morris Museum and Maria Ribaudo, Collections Manger of Morris Museum