2018 Book Sale NOTES


To All Members:

The Book Sale is again at the Bernardsville Middle School on Seney Drive, Bernardsville.  Book Sale dates are Thursday, August 2nd through Saturday, August 4th.  Book sorting begins at the school 8:30 AM, Monday, July 23rd and runs through 3:00 PM, Wednesday, August 1st.  Our first week of sorting which we call our “presort” — July 16th through July 19th — will be at Brigid Annis’ garage, 542 Meyersville Road, Gillette NJ 07933. Sorting will move to the Middle School as of Monday morning, July 23rd.

Book donations will be accepted at the Bernardsville Middle School loading dock from Monday, July 23rd through Thursday, July 26th.  Donors should be encouraged to drop off book donations during this period.  However, people can drop off books at Bonnie Gould’s garage, 4 Valley View Drive, Basking Ridge 07920 starting on June 1st. Please call Bonnie first at 908 285 8385. We do not accept the following donations:  reference sets, encyclopedias, magazines, textbooks, records or cassette tapes.  Electronic media must be either DVD or CD only.

Book prices will remain the same as last year. Books, both hardback and paperback, in the main room will be sold at $1.00 (except the smaller children’s books will be sold at 50 cents).  On the first day, Thursday, August 2nd, there will be a 25% premium on books in the main room.  Rare and choice books in the separate room managed by Beryl Hunter are priced individually and are not subject to the first day 25% premium.  There is no admission charge to attend our book sale.  However, admission numbers will be passed out to determine entry order for the long line that always forms on the morning of the first day of the sale.