AAUW Somerset Hills Book Sale


Our Annual Used Book Sale is approaching…   Now begins our active AAUW Book Sale time of year!  The Book Sale has been a part of our community for many years. In searching old Branch records, we think our first Book Sale was held in 1950 which would make this our 72nd sale!

This is our only Branch fundraiser and a wonderful service project to our community.  We usually collect over $25,000 for our AAUW scholarships, our local libraries and our other supported charities.  100% of the money raised after expenses (which are not much) go to our charity donations.  It is a terrific way to recycle used books and to foster camaraderie of fellow members and meet other book enthusiasts!

Key 2022 Book Sale Dates                                                                            (Please note these dates on your Personal Calendars!!!


July 25 – July 29 9:00 – 3:00

Monday – Friday

Bernardsville Middle School (BMS)

141 Seney Drive Bernardsville 07924

Loading Dock


July 25 – July 29 8:00 – 4:00

Monday – Friday

Bernardsville Middle School Bring lunch
August 1 – 3 8:00 – 4:00 

Monday – Wednesday

Bernardsville Middle School Bring lunch
August 4 – 6     8:00 – 4:00 


Bernardsville Middle School Bring lunch

July 25 7:00 – 11:00 BMS Tables & Signs Setup


August 4 12:00 – 8:00 BMS Book Sale (Prices + 25% premium in the Main Room)
August 5 12:00 – 8:00 BMS Book Sale – regular prices
August 6 9:00 – 3:00


3:00 – 6:00

BMS Sale – Half Price all day

Charity pickup starts

Clean Up (We can use lots of help with this)

August 8 5:30 – 8:30 Robin Marion’s Picnic for Book Sale Volunteers

209 Madisonville Road, Basking Ridge 07920


The Book Sale will be held at the Bernardsville Middle School, 141 Seney Drive, Bernardsville.  Book Sale dates are Thursday, August 4 through Saturday, August 6. 

Book sorting begins at the school at 8:00 AM, Monday, July 25 (doors open at 7:00) and runs through 4:00 PM, Wednesday, Aug 3.  Set-up is July 25, the first day of sorting. Except for several early book donations already stored in the “barn”, all book donations and sorting will be done at BMS. Please sign in. We track total hours volunteered.

Book donations will be accepted at the Bernardsville Middle School loading dock from Monday, July 25 through Friday, July 29.  As we did last year with positive impact, we are shortening the collection and sorting period but adding a longer day and Friday allowing for more shifts. Potential donors should be encouraged to drop off book donations during this period. We do not accept the following donations:  reference sets, encyclopedias, textbooks, magazines, records, VHS or cassette tapes.  Electronic media must be either DVD or CD only.

Book prices will remain the same as last year. Both hard cover and soft cover books in the main room will be sold at $1.00 (except the smaller children’s books will be sold at 50 cents).  On the first day, Thursday, August 4, there will be a 25% premium on books in the main room.  Rare and choice books in the separate room managed by Beryl Hunter are priced individually and are not subject to the first day 25% premium.  There is no admission charge to attend our book sale.  However, admission numbers will be passed out starting at 9:00 on Thursday to determine entry order for the long line that always forms on the morning of the first day of the sale. Teri Passarello will be handling this for us again this year.  We also mark 20 places for serious buyers to hold their books. These buyers will have their books checked out by Teri (stage), Karen (hallway) and Arlene (kitchen). If you are interested in handling large checkouts, please let Teri know.

It is our hope that every member of our Branch will participate in our Book Sale in some way.  We send out reminder post cards to all members and past community adult and student volunteers in June.  Post these on your refrigerators or family bulletin boards as a reminder of our summer dates and times! Then in early July, you will receive a call asking all members to sign up for shifts for our 3 day sale itself.  We have a number of jobs that don’t require physical effort like sitting at the entry and exit doors which can be somewhat boring but still is essential!

Plans are well underway. Many of our usual book sale jobs are already filled with volunteers from our planning meetings held throughout the year. We still have empty volunteer slots.  Sorting our donated books is the KEY to making our Book Sale the big success that it is.  Our sorting effort transforms tables full of used books into an interesting book store experience.  If we received a donated book that someone particularly wants, it is highly likely they will be able to find it without too much searching.  

Call Teri Passarello (908-313-8421) or Bonnie Gould (908 647-2791) if you have questions or need more information as to what you might be able to do.

Thousands of books all sorted by category.

Tens of thousands of books all sorted by category.

The line of book donations still to be sorted as of school closing time after our first week at the school.

The line of book donations still to be sorted as of school closing time after our first week at the school.




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