Branch Board Job Descriptions (updated 2019)


Purpose: The President/Co-President conducts the business of AAUW and develops, implements, and oversees AAUW activities within the affiliate and community.


  • Know and adhere to the Bylaws, policies, and procedures of the Branch
  • Convene a Board of Directors to plan and implement activities that advance AAUW priorities and issues, while engaging members, supporters, and community friends
  • Facilitate collegial board and branch decision-making regarding goals, expectations, and use of resources
  • Encourage collaboration and teamwork; incorporate membership development, public policy advocacy, and fundraising into Branch programs
  • Commit to diversity and seek opportunities for inclusion of individuals and groups
  • Participate in community collaborations that advance AAUW’s mission
  • Seek and maintain collaborative relationships with local colleges/universities and students
  • Represent the branch within the community and State
  • Review and monitor the fiscal health of the Branch on an on-going basis with the Treasurer
  • Encourage participation in AAUW’s leadership training and resources
  • Schedule yearly Board meeting dates for the first Tuesday of each month
  • Prepare Agenda for each Board meeting, with reminders to Board members approximately 1 ½ weeks prior to meetings
  • Prepare Agenda for general meeting scheduled for second Tuesday of each month.

Duties by Month


  • Assume duties of position
  • No meetings scheduled till August
  • Schedule August Board meeting 
  • Appoint Audit Committee of three members, one of which is a Board member, meeting in July/August after Treasurer obtains June bank statement & balances the books. 
  • Committee reviews the Treasurer’s records, checks & receipts submitted for expenses, etc. Committee writes a report & presents it to the Board by the September meeting
  • File officer change form with AAUW NJ and National
  • Provide information to Communications & Yearbook Chairs by mid-month with: list of Board members; Board meeting dates; general Branch meeting dates; program information; AAUW NJ and AAUW National meeting dates; and key contacts.


  • Treasurer presents the proposed budget to the Board for approval and  published in e-blast for a vote at the September general meeting
  • Confirm program plans are in place, and library dates through December confirmed 
  • Discuss possible plans for traditional supper for the September general meeting
  • Ensure Communications Chair provided information for e-blast  


  • Treasurer presents preliminary book sale results to Board and general meeting
  • Treasurer presents Budget at general meeting
  • Audit report to be presented to Board


  • Funds Chair to schedule Book Sale Governing Committee meeting for distribution of book sale profits
  • Board to approve a holiday charity (usually chosen by Program VP/committee, details of which are published in December’s e-blast
  • Discuss participation in Stem/Tech Trek
  • Prepare Letter of Intent if participating in Stem/Teck/Trek


  • Book Sale Governing Committee meeting scheduled by Funds Chair to discuss recommendations for distribution of funds from book sale. Date to be published in e-blast for December
  • Decide on holiday luncheon followed by notification in e-blast 
  • Confirm with Treasurer filing of Form 990-N to IRS by mid-November
  • Plan holiday party


  • Holiday party


  • Book sale sub-committee prepares fund disbursement recommendations
  • Submit recommendations to Board for vote in February
  • Select Board member for nominating committee chair, who selects two non-Board volunteer members to serve on the Committee
  • Confirm with Program Chair that library dates secured for following year


  • Board vote on Book fund distributions
  • Publish fund distributions in e-blast
  • Names of nominees presented to Board


  • Nominating Committee report presented at general meeting. Names published in e-blast at least 2 weeks prior to April general meeting. If period of time is not feasible place in e-blast in March.
  • Communicate information on Basking Ridge Charter Day  
  • Board determines participation in Charter Day
  • Vote on distribution of book sale funds at General meeting


  • Confirm Annual meeting in May (held between 3/1-5/31)
  • Recruit volunteers, etc., if participating in Charter Day
  • Attend AAUW NJ convention
  • Update by VP programs for following year


  • Charter Day if participating
  • Program Committee update re: topic, time, and place for following year’s general meetings. To be announced at May general meeting (usually a dinner) and at Charter Day.
  • Confirm program information sent to Communication and Yearbook Chairs
  • Report on State convention
  • If Presidency term is continuing, fill appointed positions for following year. If term has ended, notify new President of the need to fill the position(s)
  • Enter new officers in AAUW National Member Services Database by June 1st


  • Attend AAUW convention in alternate years
  • Board meeting is combination of incoming and outgoing Boards to facilitate smooth transition.

Responsibilities to State AAUW

  • Maintain regular contact with the State president and keep them informed of branch activities
  • Know and adhere to State Bylaws, policies and procedures

Responsibilities to AAUW

  • Encourage members to support national initiatives and programs
  • Adhere to all AAUW policies and procedures through compliance with the AAUW bylaws, Affiliate agreement, and fundraising guidelines (AAUW Policy 501)
  • Support AAUW’s leadership development efforts by nominating Branch members for National and State leadership positions

Leadership Skills Helpful to the Position

An effective leader is willing to learn and practice skills in strategic planning; goal setting; facilitate team building; public speaking, and communications. A leader is able to recognize and employ the talents of others; to inspire collaborative work toward common goals; to mentor and encourage; and to be empathetic, reassuring, and decisive.

Time Commitment

An effective leader uses their time wisely by planning ahead and delegating responsibilities. Branch and board meetings require time to facilitate, which can be done through use of different media. Branch leaders should attend state conventions and conferences.

Program Vice President 

The branch program vice president works with branch leaders and members to develop and implement programs and other projects that promote the AAUW mission of AAUW i.e. advancing equity for women and girls through advocacy, education, philanthropy, and research.

Responsibilities of each member of the Branch Board

  • Align branch activities with state and national AAUW priorities
  • Take an active and collaborative role in leading the branch to plan and implement AAUW activities
  • Actively recruit new members and engage existing members in activities

Specific responsibilities 

  • The majority of programs should emphasize women’s rights, roles, history, and struggles
  • Ensure that the branch budget reflects program priorities and needs
  • Book branch meeting dates with the Bernard’s Township Library, Jacqueline Barber, Administrative Coordinator
  • Dates are booked a full year in advance. In January, dates must be booked for the following calendar year. An example: in January 2020, Jackie will be booking all dates for January-December 2021
  • Retrieve the necessary paperwork from the library, and have a branch member, who resides in Bernard’s Township sign the document. Once signed, return the form to the library
  • Maintain careful correspondence with all your presenters, and follow up in with all presenter’s late spring for the following year
  • Make sure the presenter has whatever room set-up and AV equipment they might need to make their presentation a success
  • Arrive at the library half-an-hour early to meet with the presenters.  If there is a fee, make sure the presenter is paid. Follow up with a thank-you note to the presenter after the presentation
  • Attend the board meetings and update the board on the presentation schedule
  • Coordinate Program with hospitality


Purpose: The Recording Secretary will record and keep in his/her custody the minutes of all Board meetings and of the general meetings at which a vote is taken.

The purpose of taking the minutes is to maintain a record of any actions taken, any items discussed, and any activities considered or enacted by Committees.  In addition, the minutes provide a monitor of the state of finances and other business conducted or considered.  


  • Record the minutes of all Board meetings, and send to members of the Board within a month of the meeting for review.
  • Attach to the minutes a copy of any written reports presented at Board meetings.
  • Record minutes of general meetings at which a vote has been taken, and send to Board members within a month of the meeting for review.
  • Perform other duties as the President and Board direct.


(Formerly Educational Foundation and Legal Advocacy Chair)

Purpose: The AAUW Funds chair oversees efforts to maximize the impact of strategic philanthropic development and donor stewardship to ensure sustainability of AAUW’s programs and mission.

Responsibilities of the Branch Funds Chair:

  • Be knowledgeable of the AAUW national fundraising and scholarship policies (AAUW Policies 501, 502 and 600) and ensure the branch complies with AAUW national policies and IRS regulations;
  • Be knowledgeable about AAUW programs that can help meet fundraising goals;
  • Honor donor intent, inspire members to underwrite AAUW and its programs through gifts and bequests;
  • Ensure member donations are submitted in a timely manner;
  • Work with other branch officers and committees (specifically the Book Sale Committee) to integrate fundraising with other priorities;
  • Participate in fundraising trainings such as AAUW webinars, workshops and conferences;
  • Celebrate successful fundraising and its impact by thanking and recognizing donors through branch publications, at branch meetings and with personal thank-yous;
  • Review AAUW quarterly branch donation reports and report any discrepancies to the state Funds chair.

Duties of the AAUW Funds Chair:

  • Serve as a member of the Book Sales Governing Committee;
  • Review the criteria for the distribution of funds (endowments, local libraries, sale host school, and RVCC for scholarship for a female(s)  returning to school and a student to attend the National Collegiate Conference for Women Student Leaders (NCCWSL) and NJ Charitable Trust;
  • Vote on distribution of funds;
  • Report of the recommendations of the disbursement of Book Sales funds to membership in the eblast;
  • Have the general membership vote on distribution of funds as recommended by the Book Sale Committee; 
  • Write letters inviting a representative of the recipient organizations to the Annual Dinner;
  • Write a letter to recipients and enclose checks; present to recipients at dinner;
  • Inform the treasurer of the checks to be written to the recipients for presentation at the Annual Dinner and checks to be sent to AAUW for LAF and endowments, if applicable;
  • Instruct treasurer to mail all checks with an accompanying letters to recipients not present at the Annual Dinner;
  • Appoint committee to select the Named Grant Honoree;
  • The Named Gift Honoree shall be selected by a committee of the previous three honorees;
  • The Named Gift Honoree shall be presented with a certificate at the September branch meeting;
  • The Honoree shall be selected based upon the following criteria:
    • The contribution of the member to the branch and its activities;
    • The contribution of the member to AAUW mission statement and philosophy;
    • The contribution of the member to the community through volunteer, work-related, or individual effort.
  • Distribute summaries of the purchases of the libraries receiving Book Sale funds;
  • Insert the biographies of the Named Gift Honoree(s) in the Newsletter after presentation of the award;
  • Attend Somerset Hills Branch board and general membership meetings and events;
  • Attend State and National meetings where possible;
  • Monitor status of Book Sale funds in the monthly treasurer’s report.

Communications Chair


  • Keep members of the branch and members of the public informed about branch activities, events, news, opportunities, etc. as approved by the board or requested by the president.
  • Respond to requests for information from members or the public, either directly, or by forwarding the request to the appropriate person.
  • Attend branch board meetings in order to stay abreast of what needs to be communicated.

The job has been divided between two people according to the public communication via the website and member-only communication via email, “eblasts” (which has replaced a print newsletter).


  • As needed – as requested by the president.
  • Monthly Sept – May – about two weeks before each branch meeting.
    • Monthly content provided by:
      • program chair(s)
      • interest group chairs
      • cultural trip chair (not every month)
      • book sale committee chair.
  • “Book Sale Issue” – in late June or early July. Content supplied by book sale committee.
  • Maintain email list of members and prospective members – working with Treasurer and Yearbook chair

Website/Social Media/Newspapers:

Send or upload information about book sale to various newspapers.

Maintain domain name and redirection to AAUW supported branch website.

  • Keep information about branch up to date as informed by president.
  • Keep information on branch programs up to date as informed by program chair(s).
  • Handle correspondence that come to the branch email address.
  • Maintain membership form as informed by membership VP.
  • Keep information on book sale up to date as informed by book sale committee chair.
  • Post information about branch events and book sale on Facebook and multiple local Patch sites.
  • Send regular emails to Bernardsville News containing information about branch events and book sale.
  • Send or upload information about book sale to various newspapers.
  • Maintain domain name and redirection to AAUW supported branch website.


Purpose: The purpose of the Hospitality Committee is to arrange for refreshments to be provided by members at Branch general meetings, and having the refreshment table set-up with the food and beverages.


  • Attend the joint Branch Board meeting in June prior to the beginning of the his/her term, and attend all eleven subsequent Board meetings on the 1st Tuesday of the month except July
  • Attend all nine Branch general meetings, September through May, on the 2nd Tuesday of the month
  • Circulate a sign-up list to the members to bring refreshments for each general meeting. Contact & remind the members by phone a week prior to the meeting
  • Ensure and coordinate that there is a variety of refreshments when contacting the members 
  • The hospitality committee will provide beverages and tableware for the general meetings each month.
  • Oversee that the tables are set and the room is otherwise set up correctly
  • Remember to thank the members who contributed refreshments at the general meeting 
  • Coordinate the September potluck dinner with the Board.  The Hospitality Committee is not responsible for the refreshments brought to this meeting 
  • Submit receipts to the treasurer for hospitality expenses


Purpose: The purpose of the Yearbook Chair is to collect, update, and maintain an up to date data base of all members on a yearly basis. This provides a means of communicating information concerning AAUW as well as on-going activities


  • Attend monthly Board meetings
  • On site visit in May to introduce yourself to the Bernardsville Print Center, 19-21 Mine Brook Rd (Rt.202), Bernardsville, NJ 07924, 908-766-4073
  • Confirm with Printer timeline and word processing program utilized
  • Maintain on-going communication with the Membership/Treasurer for updates, to ensure dues are current 
  • Establish deadline of updates by July 17th 
  • Content information include: name, address, telephone number/s, email, & degree/s
  • Deadline by August 13th for officers, contact information, Programs, standing Board, interest groups, State & National AAUW events & key contact for their personnel
  • Email a digital draft no later than mid-August to the Branch President, Vice Presidents, Membership/Treasurer and a past President
  • Review for any necessary change
  • Email or personally deliver the finalized draft to the printer no later then the end of mid-August (14-15th)
  • Select the cover color
  • Personally meet with the printer after delivering the draft (approximately 3-5 days later) once they notify you. Review & sign off on the proof (usually immediately reviewed on site or at local facility)
  • Pick-up the yearbooks once notified they are ready, and within 1-2 weeks before the first Branch meeting of the calendar year.
  • Sign the invoice, retain a copy &, mail original including postage fees to the Treasurer for payment
  • Apply a printed label for each member to the yearbooks & distribute to members at the General meetings in September/October. Mail remaining Yearbooks
  • Provide a list of updates at the General meeting in December