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Welcome to the Somerset Hills Branch of AAUW

AAUW (National) is the oldest women’s organization in the USA. The AAUW mission is to advance equity for women and girls through advocacy, education, and research. The Somerset Hills AAUW branch has general meetings and various interest groups. Our major fundraiser is our annual used book sale.

All members, even new ones, are encouraged to participate as board members, group chairs, convention attendees, and book sale workers in order to get the most out of the AAUW experience.

Somerset Hills AUW Branch Program – April, 2021

BRANCH PROGRAM: Apr 13, 6:45 – Zoom  – Annual Meeting + “Birds of Spring” – After our brief business meeting, we will have our program “Birds of Spring,” presented by Ben Barkley, a very experienced naturalist from the Somerset County Park Commission Environmental Education Center.  He is a birder who has traveled all over the country pursuing his interest in all things birding from basic identification skills, to what to feed birds and where to place feeders.

NOMINATIONS AND ELECTIONS: It is again that time of year to vote on a new slate of Officers for the Board of Directors. President Ann Jessen thanks the members of the Nominating Committee, Karen Brown, Elaine Keramidas, Ginny Pasternak, and Ginny Lyttle, for a job well done.

Election will be held at the April branch meeting. If you have an additional nomination please notify Karen Brown at kkbrown24@gmail.com no later than April 3, 2021.

Thank you to the following nominees who have agreed to serve, if elected, for the 2021 – 2023 term for the Board of Directors:

Co-Presidents: Bonnie Gould & Becky Hughes

Vice- Presidents – Program: Susan Frantz and Christine Ellis

Vice President – Membership and Treasurer: Teri Passarello

Secretary: Brigid Coakley

Thank you to the following people who have agreed to serve as Standing Board Members (appointed – no vote required):

AAUW Funds Chair: Arlene Inglis

Audit Committee: Becky Hughes; Teri Passarello; Martha Romanyshyn

Communications: Ruth Lufkin – Newsletter; Teri Passarello – Zoom Host, Website, Archivist

Hospitality: Jean Aurnhammer; Ann L Delitzscher

Yearbook: Bonnie Gould


BOOK SALE: Book Sale Committee Members – We will be having a book sale committee meeting on Thursday morning, 4/29/21, at 10:00 via Zoom. One of the reasons for the meeting is to determine whether we have your commitment to actively participate in the sale in August. If the school is still closed for whatever reason the school determines, then we will not have the sale. Contact: Teri Passarello


MEMBER NEWS: Congratulations to Lynn Vergano whose painting, “The Blue Lagoon – Pembroke Shire – Wales,” will be on exhibit at the 2021 Exhibiting Artists Members Annual Exhibition of the National Arts Club, 15 Gramercy Park South in New York City. In person gallery visits are by reservation only from April 6 – 23. Online viewing will also be available. Lynn is honored to be an Exhibiting Artist Member for over 40 years. For more information call 212-475-3424 or go to https://www.nationalartsclub.org/exhibitions


AAUW NJ NEWS: For more information and to register for programs go to the AAUW NJ website: https://aauw-nj.aauw.net Check out the monthly Newsletter for information on the AAUW NJ programs listed in our calendar above, as well as the great programs being shared by other New Jersey branches each month.


GREAT DECISIONS: Chair Brigid Coakley, annisbear32158@aol.com – Those in the group will be emailed the link the week before the meeting.


FOR A MORE JUST SOCIETY: Chair Becky Hughes, beckyh@enter.net – This discussion group meets every Friday at 9:00 AM.


RECYCLING CORNER – ENVIRONMENTAL TIPS: At our March meeting, Brigid Coakley shared that she will collect plastic, prescription medicine containers to be used by Matthew 25 Ministries. Please black out personal identifying information, etc., but labels do not need to be removed. Please make arrangements with Brigid for her to pick up your collection. Here’s a summary of our environmental tips to date:

  • “Soda” can pop-tabs – Collected by Bonnie Gould, for Ronald McDonald House

  • Styrofoam packing material (large, solid) – Collected by Teri Pasarello, for details see: http://www.foampackindustries.com

  • Prescription bottles (usually brown, plastic type) – Collected by Brigid Coakley, for Matthew 25 Ministries