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Welcome to the Somerset Hills Branch of AAUW

AAUW (National) is the oldest women’s organization in the USA. The AAUW mission is to advance equity for women and girls through advocacy, education, and research. The Somerset Hills AAUW branch has general meetings and various interest groups. Our major fundraiser is our annual used book sale.

All members, even new ones, are encouraged to participate as board members, group chairs, convention attendees, and book sale workers in order to get the most out of the AAUW experience.

Somerset Hills AAUW Branch News – April 2020

Somerset Hills AAUW Branch News –  APRIL 2020

 A Message from President Ann Jessen and the Board:

  1. Given the current medical crisis pertaining to the Coronavirus, all Board & Membership meetings, Book clubs, Gourmet & Great Decisions will continue being suspended till further notice, following the CDC guidelines.
  2. The May 12th dinner has been temporarily deferred & tentatively scheduled for Sept. 8th
  3. The AAUW NJ Annual Meeting on April 18, 2020 in Piscataway has been postponed.
  4. The Nominating Committee has been working diligently trying to fill the two remaining positions for Co-President & VP of Program, which are two-year terms. Unfortunately, no one has volunteered, so I am asking you to please rethink the option of volunteering for these positions. Our Branch has so much to offer, but we need to fill these positions to continue offering our many varied activities. The Board works as a team, guiding each other as needed so you only need to ask for assistance. Please contact Ginny Pasternak or Chris Ellis to volunteer for these positions.

At this juncture, the course of this virus is too fluid for anyone to predict it’s end, & when it will be safe to return to normalcy. The Board will continue keep you informed as much as possible. Should you have any questions contact either Ginny Pasternak or myself by phone or e-mail.

🌻     Stay well & safe.


🗳And bit of “edutainment” suggested by Co-President Ginny Pasternak: Now online–a new exhibit – “When Women Vote” – Old Barracks Museum’s Online Exhibit Explores the Anti-Suffragist History of Founding Members –Trenton, NJ—The Old Barracks Museum is pleased to announce the opening of a new online exhibit titled “When Women Vote: The Old Barracks and the Anti-Suffrage Movement.” View it at barracks.org/whenwomenvote.

This timely exhibit, which is being released during the centennial celebration of the 19th Amendment, explores a conflicted aspect of history. The Old Barracks’ origin is rooted in the military struggles of the 18th century, but the building also has a unique history tied to a group of affluent Trentonian women. In 1902, The Old Barracks Association (OBA) was founded entirely by women living in the Trenton area with the goal of preserving the historic structure. These women were from well-connected families and as such, were expected to be involved in the local community and pursue philanthropic projects. Despite their personal stories not always fitting the early 20th century ideal of womanhood, many of the founding members of the OBA were staunchly opposed to the idea of women having the right to vote. This exhibit aims to explore their story and reasons for supporting the anti-suffrage movement.

The Old Barracks Museum invites everyone to visit barracks.org/whenwomenvote to learn more about the history of the anti-suffrage movement, the Old Barracks Association, and Trenton. The 19th Amendment is undoubtedly a success story in the history of America, but it is important to preserve and understand all sides of history, and this exhibit intends to provide another side to the story of women’s suffrage.